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Pandemic Diary: 7 Oct 2022

Yes, COVID-19 is still here 3 years later. It’s most likely going to become like the flu—always around, always mutating, always deadly. As long as we can keep up with the mutations, vaccinations and Paxlovid (an antiviral medication that makes the infection less virulent) will diminish the mortality rate. James and I are still among the few who haven’t gotten it yet.

Pandemic Diary: 18 Dec 2021

As we bring this second year of the pandemic to a close, we need to celebrate our ability to be together even when we’re distant. My heart stopped when all the virtual singers joined in. This is the new world. I hope that even when we’re able to be together in person again, we won’t stop gathering this way.

[There’s a Mormon bit at the end, so unless you want to see it, stop the video when the piece is done.]