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Pandemic Diary: 3 April 2022

Update: Another new variant, actually probably 2 or 3 since I last wrote, each one more contagious. Fortunately, we’re vaccinated, boosted, and probably going to get another booster soon, so if we get COVID, we’ll just feel fluish, not die. Cases are pretty low here right now, but James and I still wear our masks everywhere and hand-sanitize a lot. I’d do it anyway to avoid the flu or a cold, etc. Why not? It’s great not being sick for 2 years.

My two favorite pictures right now.

Pandemic Diary: 18 Feb 2022

Omicron. Rogue variants. Potential World War III on the Russian-Ukrainian border. The mess we’ve left in Afghanistan, which is costing the lives of thousands of innocent people. And the foundational fear: the Earth is understandably trying to get rid of us with decimating storms, wildfires, earthquakes, tsunamis, drought, dead bees, and plagues.

I “manage” all this stress and anxiety by ignoring it. Feeling it all, all the time, would crush me. So I pay no attention to it. I think it’s what most of us do. We’re all living like semi-zombies these days.

Sometimes, like today, I spring a leak and all the fear busts up to the surface. I feel very needy. Then I push it back down again and ignore it until the next leak.

I get some solace from my desktop window image. It’s from San Xavier del Bac, south of Tucson. I took the photo the last time we were able to go visit friends there, which was a couple of weeks before the plague shut everything down. Little did we know.

Pandemic Diary: 20 Jan 2022

In 2 months, we’ll be into our 3rd year of the pandemic. The latest variant—Omicron—is way more contagious but less deadly, if you’re fully vaccinated. The virus remains a mystery, so future variants can’t be predicted. Except that there are bound to be more.

Omicron variant