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Pandemic Diary: 23 Nov 2020

Yesterday 1,506 Americans died of COVID-19. That’s more than 1/minute. In the time it takes you to eat Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, dozens of people (depending on how long you take for dinner) will have died.

It’s hard to find things to be thankful for while people are dying. But one big one for me is the chance this past weekend to spend time outdoors walking with our kids and grandkids in Rockefeller State Park. When we arrived, Anna (3 years old) ran across the picnic area, arms spread wide, yelling, “Dima!!!” There’s nothing better than a child flinging themselves at you in joy. Later on, Louie laid his head on my shoulder, with his nose plugged so as not to infect me, while Jesse was taking a picture of us. He’s such a deep, sweet child of 7.

Photos by Jesse Lumsden Piscitello

Pandemic Diary: 2 Nov 2020

Election day tomorrow. I’m not anticipating any particular outcome because who the hell knows? Anything is possible, even though it’s appalling that anyone could still support Trump. The fact that so many do is more disturbing than Trump himself. Where has my country gone? I love America, as a democracy that strives for inclusion and creativity. What happened to that America?

And the virus rages on, setting new daily records for infection. The US just hit #1 in the world in terms of infection rate.

Lucie: Our constant reminder of the joy of living.

Spirit-lifting: I just got to virtually meet a friend’s new puppy. A beautiful baby Golden Retriever. Proof of the power of new life.

Pandemic Diary: 28 Oct 2020

That’s about how I feel.

My last week of the month to make up some missed hours due to fibromyalgic exhaustion. My energy is much better, so I was ready to crank it out. Then today… Is it my SI joint? or a myofascial trigger point? The pain is in the same place, so it’s impossible to tell and it doesn’t really matter since the only treatments at this stage for either one are rest and pain relievers, or steroid injections. I’m not interested in injections right now, so what’s left? Rest. When I need to be working. These two things don’t go together.

Pandemic Diary: 27 Oct 2020

A Facebook Messenger exchange between me and a friend I sang with for years.

You sent29 minutes ago
This song just played on my Amazon radio station—it makes me weep a little every time. And I’ve always wanted to sing it with you doing the little harmony parts. Which also makes me weep a little.

E— sent28 minutes ago
Singing with other people! Feels like so long ago now.

You sent27 minutes ago
One of the more tragic things about this situation. One among many…

Pandemic Diary: 24 Oct 2020

Only a few days of this particular glory in the fall wetlands, before the fire burns out and the silvery smoke of bare trees remains.

Oh, and I tested negative for COVID antibodies. My grandson can rest easy.