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Pandemic Diary: 16 Dec 2020

I haven’t been able to write here for a little while because the tragedy of COVID-19 cases and deaths has just been too overwhelming to talk about. Almost 210,000 cases per day in the U.S., and over 2,500 deaths yesterday alone. The daily death numbers have gone over 3,000 recently. I can’t even get my head around numbers like that. Like I said, too overwhelming.

To stay sane and not horribly depressed and anxious, I focus on the fact that no one in our immediate family has gotten it, and in our extended families there have only been a few cases and none life-threatening.

I found this video today on Facebook. It comes from a family of white privilege, but so do I, so it really speaks to me. I love these guys—they say true things in fun and creative ways. Some of their parodies are priceless! The Holderness family. I recommend them.

Pandemic Diary: 16 Oct 2020

Suddenly very woozy. Why?

Every minor symptom becomes a major worry in a time of plague.

Original image via Pixnio, with modifications by me

Pandemic Diary: 13 Oct 2020

When I started this, I thought writing “2020” was superfluous because it wouldn’t be happening in 2021. Looks like I was right to put the year.

Sometimes I can’t go to sleep at night because I can’t unclench my jaw. I’m writing this at 1:00am.

A small moment of joy this past weekend. Monarch butterflies have been few and far between this summer.

Pandemic Diary: 4 Aug 2020

Right now Tropical Storm Isaias is pounding down rain on us. And the winds just picked up. We’re supposed to get sustained winds of 35–40 mph and gusts up to 50. We cleared the deck yesterday to avoid things becoming “projectiles”. James thinks I’m overreacting. Granted, I specialize in Disaster Preparedness, but sometimes things ought to be taken seriously. I respect tropical storms as forces of nature. So why not be ready for it?

Sure, I have anxiety issues, but sometimes I just don’t get people who don’t get ready for potential disasters. I’m not always wrong about it.

Pittsfield highlighted in blue [radar image via Accuweather.com]

Shelter from the storm

I woke up with this song in my head. Music often tells me what I’m feeling, and offers me hope and comfort in disquieting times.

In my head I hear Bob Dylan, but Claire Anne Taylor expresses my feelings better in her interpretation. Thank you, Bob and Claire, for giving me light in the darkness.