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Pandemic Diary: 8 Nov 2020

Biden and Harris win the election. Van Jones on CNN says it all.

Pandemic Diary: 1 October 2020

Holy cow, October already. And still sheltering in place. The infection rate is currently very low here, but it’s starting to go up again in other places—like Brooklyn, sadly—so we continue to be careful.

The first presidential election debate was Tuesday. It was a total shit-show, with Trump shouting over both Biden and the moderator for the entire hour and a half. And he said some super disturbing things. He refused to commit to telling White supremacists to stop the violence, and he reiterated his threats about not respecting the election process.

I haven’t been able to sleep since then. I still believe that the majority of Americans don’t support him, but there’s definitely a powerful minority who do, and they’re scary people. Given the last election where we went to bed thinking Clinton had won, only to wake up the next morning to President Trump, I’m not counting on anything this time around. And Trump has pulled so many unbelievable stunts since then that there’s no room for certainty about the future.

Whether he wins or not, I’m really afraid of that violent minority and what they’ll do. With the pandemic still raging, too, we’re in for a serious rough patch in America.

Pandemic diary: 10 July 2020

The Poor People’s Campaign Moral Agenda

I created this Wordle™ from the Poor People’s Campaign “Moral Agenda”. It expresses it well, I think.

Wordle™ is a great tool for showing rather than telling, which gets your point across much more powerfully. It engages the creative brain along with the logical for a total perceptive experience. There’s an app for both Windows and Mac, and I have it on both. It’s like visual poetry, which I used to write a lot of.

Not so much anymore. Since anti- depressants/anxiety meds, I’m less connected to that part of me, the place where the veil is thin. I miss it, but I’d rather be happy and stable. Maybe someday they’ll find a treatment where I don’t have to make that choice.