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Pandemic Diary: 8 Nov 2020

Biden and Harris win the election. Van Jones on CNN says it all.

Pandemic Diary: 5 Nov 2020

Two days after the election and still no new president announced. A few key races are running almost neck-and-neck, with thousands of mail-in ballots still to be counted. In favor of a return to sanity, mail-in ballots are trending towards Biden. Trump is already trying to file lawsuits to require recounts where they aren’t automatically triggered, and he’s declared his intention to take it to the U.S. Supreme Court if he doesn’t win.

Of course he isn’t going to accept defeat. Never has, never will. It’s not in his intellectual/emotional repertoire. Why people keep talking about him like he’s a sane person is beyond me, like we can actually expect something besides megalomaniacal narcissism from him. He’s a megalomaniacal narcissist. It’s pointless, and even dangerous, to normalize him. You simply can’t discuss a mentally ill person’s motivations and behavior the same way you would a healthy person. And it doesn’t help either you or the ill person to try to.

Praying that enough Americans want to function as a democracy grounded in sanity to defeat Trump. Four more years of insanity could very well destroy us.

Photo from New Hampshire Public Radio

Pandemic Diary: 2 Nov 2020

Election day tomorrow. I’m not anticipating any particular outcome because who the hell knows? Anything is possible, even though it’s appalling that anyone could still support Trump. The fact that so many do is more disturbing than Trump himself. Where has my country gone? I love America, as a democracy that strives for inclusion and creativity. What happened to that America?

And the virus rages on, setting new daily records for infection. The US just hit #1 in the world in terms of infection rate.

Lucie: Our constant reminder of the joy of living.

Spirit-lifting: I just got to virtually meet a friend’s new puppy. A beautiful baby Golden Retriever. Proof of the power of new life.

Pandemic Diary: 7 October 2020

Trump is flip-flopping on whether to continue negotiations for a coronavirus relief bill—he can’t decide if he can buy more votes by putting it off until after the election or passing it beforehand. Buying votes is illegal in the U.S., but he’s staying just behind the line so he can’t be accused of it.

Meanwhile, back on the farm…

Final harvest (except kale) of 2020

Our harvest is done for the year. I still have some kale, which likes cold weather. I use it in smoothies—it adds a fresh overtone without tasting too kale-y. A great way to get greens in my diet.

Soup season has started. We’ll be getting the slow cooker back out of the closet soon. We’re both big soup (and stew) fans, so we’re excited about it! The recipe gathering has begun.

Pandemic Diary: 6 Oct 2020

It just gets crazier and crazier. Trump comes down with COVID. He’s in the hospital for 3 days then returns to the White House where he promptly takes off his mask and says, “Don’t let COVID-19 dominate you!” I’m sure he’s fought the hugest battle against disease ever in the history of the world.

We’re going to vote early to make sure Biden has a lead on Trump right from the start on election day.