Pandemic Diary: 23 Nov 2020

Yesterday 1,506 Americans died of COVID-19. That’s more than 1/minute. In the time it takes you to eat Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, dozens of people (depending on how long you take for dinner) will have died.

It’s hard to find things to be thankful for while people are dying. But one big one for me is the chance this past weekend to spend time outdoors walking with our kids and grandkids in Rockefeller State Park. When we arrived, Anna (3 years old) ran across the picnic area, arms spread wide, yelling, “Dima!!!” There’s nothing better than a child flinging themselves at you in joy. Later on, Louie laid his head on my shoulder, with his nose plugged so as not to infect me, while Jesse was taking a picture of us. He’s such a deep, sweet child of 7.

Photos by Jesse Lumsden Piscitello

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