Pandemic Diary: 7 October 2020

Trump is flip-flopping on whether to continue negotiations for a coronavirus relief bill—he can’t decide if he can buy more votes by putting it off until after the election or passing it beforehand. Buying votes is illegal in the U.S., but he’s staying just behind the line so he can’t be accused of it.

Meanwhile, back on the farm…

Final harvest (except kale) of 2020

Our harvest is done for the year. I still have some kale, which likes cold weather. I use it in smoothies—it adds a fresh overtone without tasting too kale-y. A great way to get greens in my diet.

Soup season has started. We’ll be getting the slow cooker back out of the closet soon. We’re both big soup (and stew) fans, so we’re excited about it! The recipe gathering has begun.

Creative comments welcome!

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