Pandemic Diary: 10 Sept 2020

At Louie’s 6th birthday party, 2019

Got to see our other kids, Michal and Winton, on Sunday, the first time in person since early March. We actually saw them the day before lockdowns went in place—I’m so glad we did! They just moved to a new house in a new city and are still settling in. We sat out on the back deck, first with masks on and then at a distance to eat. No hugs or kisses allowed. That’s so hard when you haven’t seen each other for 6 months. But at least we got to be together in person. And go for ice cream after… 🤗

OMG, James just found the loaf of pumpernickel bread I bought on Sunday in the car! I’d forgotten all about it. Mmmmm, pumpernickel… 🤗

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