Pandemic Diary: 16 Aug 2020

Today is my granddaughter and good friend Anna’s 3rd birthday. I hate sounding like the clichéd grandparent, but it really is hard to comprehend how she’s already 3 years old. She had a tough beginning to life, but she has so much spirit that nothing could get in her way to becoming the spunky girl we know now. I’m fascinated to see who she continues to grow into.

Over the past few weeks since I wrote last, I’ve gotten annoyed at the baby hawk constantly squawking overhead but loved seeing baby blue jays pestering their parents in the trees. It’s funny to see such huge birds still wanting to be fed.

Our vegetable garden is starting its August rampancy. What looks in July like it’s never going to produce anything, in August explodes with beans and cucumbers. Our tomatoes are just starting to rev their engines. We discovered last year that you can pull out the plants by their roots in the fall and hang them in the basement, and any green tomatoes will ripen there. Amazing! It made growing tomatoes worth it. Our growing season is so short here that we used to get a few ripe ones before frost killed the rest. But we couldn’t have a garden without tomatoes, so we kept planting them. And then an old Berkshire farmer told us how to hang them. Thank you, Old Farmer!

And the baby hawk is back. 🤨

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