Pandemic Diary: 24 July 2020

In the past few days I’ve seen a robin chasing their teenage fledglings away (“Would you just leave already?!”), heard and then seen a juvenile Red-tailed hawk when he landed in a tree near me, and found myself face-to-face for a moment with a hummingbird. I tried again to learn some birdsongs but gave up again. So many of them sound virtually the same, and most birds have more than one variant of a song. You’d think with my good musical ear I’d be a natural for birdsongs. But I’m crap at it.

Still sheltering in place and expect to be until sometime in the fall. And we’ll stay mostly sequestered after that until there’s a vaccine. Right now we’re headed out to Walmart to pick up some printer ink. It’s like an exciting trip these days.

Red-tailed Hawk—juvenile [Photo by Len Blumin via]

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