Pandemic Diary: 20 July 2020

I’m writing this on my phone at 12:50 AM while not sleeping. It was so hot today I couldn’t do anything but lie around so now my body is registering every pressure as pain. One of my students told me last week that she had a backache because it was humid. “Humidity causes backaches,” she insisted. Apparently everyone in Japan knows this. It’s news to me. Humidity just causes exhaustion in me.

The kids are planning to make another go at visiting, on July 28–31. I hope it works out. I keep having dreams at night about seeing them.

We had planned to go out today for a drive and walk, just to have something else in our visual field. We’re very fortunate to live in a lovely place, but after 5 months, anything gets old. But as I mentioned, it was too hot to do anything. There was a heat advisory, so it wasn’t just me being weeny.

We did walk down to Jaeshkes to get corn. And we got a few more herb plants to put where the slug-slain kale was. More cilantro (you can never have too much), an Italian parsley, and 2 different kinds of sage. The pole beans are starting to spiral up the poles, and the cucumber is climbing the trellis with gusto. By the end of August we’ll be up to our ears in it.

Well I guess I’ll go eat something, take drugs, and try to go to sleep. I have to be up at 8, so I’ve still got 6½ hours left to sleep. Which is plenty fine. Although being on my phone won’t help any.

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