Pandemic diary: 10 July 2020

The Poor People’s Campaign Moral Agenda

I created this Wordle™ from the Poor People’s Campaign “Moral Agenda”. It expresses it well, I think.

Wordle™ is a great tool for showing rather than telling, which gets your point across much more powerfully. It engages the creative brain along with the logical for a total perceptive experience. There’s an app for both Windows and Mac, and I have it on both. It’s like visual poetry, which I used to write a lot of.

Not so much anymore. Since anti- depressants/anxiety meds, I’m less connected to that part of me, the place where the veil is thin. I miss it, but I’d rather be happy and stable. Maybe someday they’ll find a treatment where I don’t have to make that choice.

Creative comments welcome!

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